Damp Proofing in Litherland

Damp Proofing in LitherlandIf you’re searching for damp proofing in Litherland, then Ray Betts is the company you could contact. They have over thirty years of experience. Established in 1984, they are known as reputable and qualified property specialists in the area, dedicated to structural repairs and general building maintenance. Many buildings experience damp issues, particularly older buildings. If you have noticed peeling wall paper, softening plaster, and mould or fungi in timber and wall surfaces, it could be that your property has a rising damp problem. Rising damp is caused by capillary action, where moisture from the ground can rise up inside the walls and mortar beds up to almost one metre above ground level.

In Litherland, damp proofing is a course of action to follow if your building is affected by rising damp. Rising damp can cause serious problems, some of which include timber decay, severe damage to plaster and brickwork, an increased threat of dry rot and insect infestations, and general structural damage. However, if treated early and professionally with damp proofing, you can maintain the structural integrity of your property. Ray Betts are the experts when it comes to damp proofing a building, as they have a proven track record for providing a ‘quality as standard’ service.

Put an end to rising damp and use Ray Betts for damp Proofing in Litherland. As a family run business, Ray Betts is proud to deliver an efficient, reliable, reputable and highly professional service to all their clients. You will also be interested to know that they are local authority and building society approved quality estimators, and provide a comprehensive 30 year guarantee. If you are concerned about rising damp in your building, and need affordable and professionally done damp proofing, contact Ray Betts.