Dry Rot Specialist in Maghull

Dry Rot Specialists in MaghullCall a dry rot specialist in Maghull before you sign for the purchase of your dream home. You had the home’s heating and electrical systems inspected. The roof is still under warranty. Everything about the house appears to be in excellent condition. However, there could be less noticeable problems like dry rot. If dry rot has invaded the structure of the home, Ray Betts will find it and eradicate it. Dry rot is actually a fungus that has a root structure. Using that root structure the fungi draws its own moisture to dry wood so it can feed off the cellulose in the wood. The fungi is capable of spreading throughout the structure of the house. It can even work its way through brick to get to the wood on the other side. The destruction left behind is wood so dry it crumbles.

In Maghull, dry rot specialist Ray Betts will perform a thorough inspection of the home. Knowing where to look for the source of the problem is essential because unskilled individuals may not notice it until damage becomes extensive. The technicians from Ray Betts will also survey for other structural problems while inspecting for dry rot. It is good information to have. However, finding signs of dry rot is not necessarily a deal breaker. Ray Betts can take remedial action to remove the dry rot and you can proceed with the purchase of the house. You may want to renegotiate some points in your contract.

The team from Ray Betts, dry rot specialist in Maghull, have twenty-five years of experience. If they find dry rot in the home, they will first locate the source or sources. When found, they apply micro emulsions at the source to prevent further spread. The Ray Betts technicians carry out a full fungicidal process guaranteed to prevent further damage. There may be damaged timbers that need replacement. Skilled joiners will replace them with new wood so the structure of the house is solid once again. No worries because the work is guaranteed. When buying a house, it is best to call Ray Betts sooner, before the sale is complete, rather than later. For dry rot specialists, contact Ray Betts.