Need a Wet Rot Specialist in Sefton?

Wet Rot Specialist in SeftonAre you looking for a wet rot specialist in Sefton? If you think that your home may have some issues relating to damp, there is a very real chance that you may need to check for wet rot. It is imperative that wet rot is treated as quickly as possible. If the problem is left to escalate then it can spread very quickly to other parts of your home causing even more damage. Wet rot is a type of fungus that feeds on wood and timber. The structure of a property uses a lot of wood and timber, hence the dangers involved with wet rot. The fungus appears in damp areas that have little or no ventilation. This is the perfect breeding ground. Wet rot comes in two common forms, white and brown. Each type of wet rot has individual characteristics. An experienced wet rot specialist will be able to assess your property and quickly identify which type of wet rot is present.

In Sefton, a wet rot specialist understands how to identify wet rot and recognises the best way to remove the problem. It is imperative that you also take steps to identify the root cause of the problem. As mentioned previously, wet rot requires water or moisture to thrive. If you notice the presence of wet rot, it is almost certain that you have an issue with water getting inside your property. A wet rot specialist should be able to identify the location of the initial damp. This could be caused by a leak in the roof, cracks in the exterior walls, plumbing and gutter leaks.

A wet rot specialist in Sefton has a number of options when it comes to treating wet rot. The severity of the wet rot will determine which treatment is used. Firstly the area that allows water into the property must be repaired. The next step is to replace or treat the affected timber. Finally, there may be a need to improve ventilation inside the property to prevent a further build up of moisture or condensation. If you need the services of a wet rot specialist, contact Ray Betts.