Damp proofer in Maghull

Damp proofer in MaghullIf you need a damp proofer in Maghull, it is a job for a qualified specialist. Ray Betts operating since 1984 and Local Authority and Building Society approved quality estimators will offer free inspection and advice on repairs.  The service includes identifying, diagnosing and treating the problem of rising damp.  Moisture from the ground can rise almost one metre up the walls of your home causing discolouration to the walls or lifting the wallpaper.  By far the most dangerous sign of damp walls is the growth of fungi and mould. The spores from these can seriously impact your family’s health. Ray Betts will treat this for you and stop it spreading throughout your property. When buying or selling a house you need to know about any problems it may have and Ray Betts will use their expertise and specialist knowledge to ascertain the scale of any problems and competently carry out the necessary repairs and renovations.

In Maghull, damp proofer Ray Betts are also widely acknowledged as the experts in woodworm treatment and repair. By using the safest chemicals to treat your property and then having their craftsmen joiners replace any badly damaged timber your woodworm problem will be solved. Dry and wet rot is similarly treated by Ray Betts with fungicide pastes and gel. Fungi will destroy the structural integrity of any timber in your home. Ray Betts offers a comprehensive 30 guarantee.

If you need a damp proofer in Maghull, it is sensible to call Ray Betts.  General building work and maintenance is also undertaken at Ray Betts, replacing facias, or windows, refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom. Ray Betts can offer a competitive quotation for top quality repairs, as well as for damp proofing. If you are looking for a qualified damp proofer, contact Ray Betts.