Quality Wall Ties in Sefton

Quality Wall Ties in SeftonAre you looking for a company that can provide quality wall ties in Sefton? Ray Betts is that company. Established in 1984, Ray Betts has built a reputation for providing high quality free reports to domestic and commercial clients throughout the Merseyside area. With a 30 years guarantee, and approval from the local authorities and building societies, it’s easy to see how Ray Betts has become a top estimator in the area. The company is also highly qualified to replace inferior wall ties that have deteriorated over time.

In Sefton, quality wall ties are best found from Ray Betts. Wall ties are used to tie together cavity walls. Many cavity walls, which are built to provide thermal efficiency, were tied with metal wall ties in the 1930s. As of late, it has been found that many of these cavity wall ties are in a serious state of deterioration. To counteract this, Ray Betts have specialised in repairing and replacing wall ties using leading edge equipment. Using metal detectors, the team at Ray Betts first determines the location of the wall tie. After the wall tie is located, fibre optic borescopes are used to determine the condition of the wall tie. From there, Ray Betts will suggest a course of action if needed.

Replacing your old wall ties with new quality wall ties in Sefton is as easy as contacting Ray Betts. The remedial work itself depends on the severity of the problem and the type of wall tie used. In most cases, Ray Betts uses high quality stainless steel wall ties, which are very durable and cosmetic. Other services from Ray Betts include: damp proofing, dry & wet rot removal, structural repairs and general building. As you can see, the company offers a wide range of services. If you need more information about quality wall ties, contact Ray Betts.