Wall Ties in Liverpool

wall ties in LiverpoolAre your wall ties in Liverpool in need of urgent repair? Wall ties are a crucial component in the construction of a wall. These are designed to add stability to your wall and consequently to the entire home. Wall ties were frequently used in home construction after the Second World War Over time, your wall ties might become corroded or deteriorate and threaten the stability of the wall. Before it leads to serious structural damages to your home, you must have your wall ties examined by a professional.

In Liverpool, wall ties are professionally seen to by Ray Betts. Using specialist equipment, they are able to assess the condition of the existing wall ties. Based upon the results, they will apply a specialised solution which uses a wide range of high quality steel remedial wall ties. According to these specialists, cavity walls were made to offer substantial protections from the natural elements and to provide thermal proofing. Many buildings constructed in the 1940s utilised wall ties. Deterioration due to wall ties is a common, serious and widespread problem across the UK. The only solution is to contact an expert who utilises specialised equipment to deal with the problem. Ray Bett’s metal detectors are able to pinpoint wall ties within the wall’s construction. After isolating the problem wall ties, they further assess the health of the wall using a fibre optic borescope. Depending upon the results, the specific remedial results are applied. Upon completing the remedial work, the end result is clean and to high cosmetic standards. Maintaining the health of your walls will add longevity to your home and maintain its resale value.

If you suspect issues with your wall ties in Liverpool, contact the experts, Ray Betts today. They are an established company with over 20 years of experience. Apart from wall ties, they also specialise in damp proofing, dry and wet rot, woodworm treatment, general building repairs and structural repairs. For any information concerning wall ties, contact Ray Betts.