Damp Proofer in St Helens

damp proofer in St. HelensA damp proofer in St. Helens can help you keep your property in good condition for a longer period of time. Without the damp proofing your home or business may experience a moisture problem. Moisture can rise or penetrate from the ground and seep into the walls and floors of the building, causing serious damage. Several symptoms of damp problems are stained walls, lifting wallpaper and softening plaster. If the problem is not taken care of, it can lead to mould problems, which carries dangerous health risks. The problem can spread throughout a property if not corrected. It causes decay of the timber, damage to brickwork and plaster.

In St. Helens, damp proofer Ray Betts is one of the leading service providers in the area. Their service exceeds the needs of their clients. Established in 1984, Ray Betts has been providing quality building services to many in the region. They service both domestic and commercial structures and will keep your property in good condition. They offer competitive prices and high quality workmanship that is completed in a timely manner. The company is a highly regarded damp proof specialist and will diagnose the problem and find the best solution for your building. If you suspect problems, call Ray Betts and schedule an appointment to have them look at your building. If they determine you have a problem, they will give you a free estimate on repairing it.

Ray Betts is a well-known damp proofer in St. Helen. The company will explain the problem to you and give you the best option to solve it. They are honest and experienced in building maintenance. You can be assured that they will steer you in the right direction. For more information about a qualified damp proofer, contact Ray Betts.