Damp Proofer in Sefton

damp proofer in SeftonDoes your home require the services of a skilled damp proofer in Sefton? Damp proofing is a vital home maintenance requirement to ensure a safe and dry home. Rising damp is common in homes which is caused by a capillary action where ground moisture rises within the walls as well as from mortar beds to a potential height of 1m above ground level creating problems for the home. This includes stained decoration, mould on wall surfaces and fungi in timber as well as lifting wallpaper and softening plaster. Cement flooring is also affected by damp. Not only is a building affected by damp, but it is potentially harmful to the people residing in the home. Damp can cause allergies, and respiratory problems.

In Sefton, damp proofer services are necessary, if not crucial, to curb rising damp that could spread through the home if left untreated. The timber in the home structure and foundation could decay with excessive damage on brickwork and plaster. Damp also promotes dry rot and insect infestations. Every smart homeowner should engage the professional services of a qualified and experienced damp proofer like Ray Betts to protect their property from structural damage. Ray Betts tick all the right boxes on damp proofing services that are guaranteed to safeguard their homes.

A professional and reliable damp proofer in Sefton is available at Ray Betts. They are a family run business that provide exceptional building services. They are also highly regarded as damp proof specialists. Established since 1984, Ray Betts, their experienced team of professionals can provide an effective solution to any of your home’s rising damp problems. Their services are affordable and they are happy to tackle any sized job, be it large or small with the same amount of dedication and expertise. For a professional damp proofer, contact Ray Betts.