Wall Ties in Maghull

Wall Ties in MaghullWall ties in Maghull play an important role in making the wall safe and stable.
In older homes the ties were made from copper which would corrode, making the wall ties unstable. This is when the wall can crack or even cave in. Established in 1984, Ray Betts are local authority and building society approved quality estimators, and they are specialists when it comes to replacing inferior wall ties. The Ray Betts team make use of their skills and knowledge to offer a comprehensive cavity wall solution. The team know that deterioration of cavity wall ties is a widespread problem in the UK, and they make use of specialist equipment to locate the wall ties within the construction.

In Maghull, wall tiles first need to be assessed. This is done with the use of fibre optic borescopes. Once the assessment has been completed, the Ray Betts team will offer advice and make suggestions for remedial work. This work will be dependent on the severity of the problem as well as the type of tie that was used in construction. Making use of high quality stainless steel remedial wall ties which won’t rust and which are strong, the experienced Ray Betts team work to ensure that your house will remain standing for many years to come.

Offering a 30-year guarantee on wall ties in Maghull, the Ray Betts team work to ensure your home is structurally sound. The need for a cavity wall tie survey can become necessary because the house id old and the old metal ties have rusted. The surveyor carries out an external appraisal of the house and use a metal detector to locate the positions of the wall ties. The benefits of using modern stainless steel ties is that the walls will remain stable for a long time, and this means that the market value of your house doesn’t drop. For more information about wall ties, contact Ray Betts.