Damp Proofing

Damp Proof Specialists

Ray Betts are highly regarded as damp proofing specialists, able to identify, diagnose and treat the problems associated with rising damp, in an efficient and professional manner.

Where does it come from?

Rising damp is a result of capillary action, where moisture from the ground can rise up within the walls and mortar beds up to approximately one metre above ground level, and the symptoms of which can be a problem in both dry and wet conditions. One or more of several symptoms identifies rising damp, such as stained decoration, lifting wallpaper, softening plaster, and mould or fungi in timber and wall surfaces. Concrete floors can also suffer from rising damp.

Where will it go?

  • Will spread through a property if left untreated
  • Can cause timber decay
  • Excess damage to brickwork and plaster
  • Increases the threat of dry rot and insect infestations
  • General structural damage