Cavity Wall Ties

Ray Betts are specialists in replacing inferior wall ties that have not stood the test of time in houses that over 20 years old. Using their expert knowledge and expertise, they offer a comprehensive cavity wall solution that will exceed your expectations.

Cavity walls were constructed to offer protection from the elements, and to create better thermal qualities. They consist of two separate walls “tied” together using some form of “cavity wall tie”. Large numbers of walls with metal wall ties were constructed in the building boom of the 1930’s.

Deterioration of cavity wall ties has been found to be a much more serious and widespread problem to walls throughout the UK than was first anticipated, particularly in exposed areas or in walls of particular construction, and with specific mortar types.

The Solution

In order to assess existing cavity wall ties, Ray Betts use various types of specialist equipment.

High quality metal detectors are used to locate the wall ties within the construction. After location, the condition of the wall ties is assessed using fibre optic borescopes. After assessment of the cavity wall ties, Ray Betts will put forward a specification for remedial works if required.

Quality Remedial Work

In general terms, the remedial work is dependent on the severity of the problem and the specific type of wall tie within the construction. Ray Betts have an extensive range of high quality stainless steel remedial wall ties to suit almost every application. Once completed, our remedial works are left to a very high cosmetic standard.