Ensure Wet Rot Problems in Melling are Checked by an Expert Team

Wet Rot Problems in Melling You may not know that you have wet rot problems in Melling but if you do, there are signs. That smell everyone refers to as the “basement smell” isn’t normal. If you do have wet rot that musty basement smell may be your first clue. It indicates the presence of moisture which attracts the fungus that feeds on the damp cellulose in the structural timbers of your house. Ignored long enough, the integrity of your supporting timbers could be at risk as they are weakened by the fungus. Undertake a maintenance check if you notice that musty smell. Check your structural timbers for dampness, softness, cracking and discolouration. Don’t just check the basement; check the attic and around windows too for signs of water leaks.

Walls through which water pipes run may be soft to the touch due to leaky pipes. In Melling, wet rot problems can arise from these leaks, especially in showers and laundry rooms. Another sign that is clearly obvious is the presence of mould. If you see these signs you want to take action right away to curb the damage. We specialise in the remediation of wet rot in all stages. Even after a serious flood. Our first task is to find where the moisture is coming from and seal it off. We have wood treatments that will protect your timbers from further damage. Sometimes that’s all that is needed to resolve your problem. Other times, we may have to replace some timbers, soggy wallboard, and interior wood trim and flooring. We are a professional construction company skilled in all these tasks.

If you have experienced wet rot problems in Melling at your home that requires extensive repairs, we can make you a promise. Our team will manage the cause and repair the damage like it never happened. Contact Ray Betts, sooner rather than later, if you see signs of wet rot. We’ll come out and undertake a complete survey to identify the source and estimate the damage. We’ve built a good reputation over the years so we welcome you to check our references. We stand behind all our work and guarantee our customers satisfaction. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, it’s a good idea to order a survey of the premises from us. It’s best to know what’s hiding in the walls.