Wall Ties in Aintree, a Necessary Structural Component for Your Building

Wall Ties in AintreeWall ties in Aintree are a structural component whose integrity your brick walls depend upon. They are used to secure an outer wall to an inner wall, bridging the cavity. When they are improperly installed, of poor quality, too few for the weight of the masonry, or damaged, the structure is weakened. For most older homes, such as those built in the 1920’s and 1930’s, wall ties were used. Once the home was built, wall ties were, of course, no longer visible. The result is more than out of sight out of mind. It’s more like out of sight and never knew they existed ever. Often homeowners become aware of wall ties only because they are seeing cracks in the brick, there’s seepage and damp that is traced back to the ties or they open a wall during refurbishment.

We are very familiar with the function of wall ties and the resulting damage when they fail. In Aintree, wall ties may be the unseen culprit when a customer calls us because they are seeing mould and wood rot. We know they have a water seepage problem so the first thing we do is trace the water to its source. Very often, it leads to damaged and deteriorating wall ties. We can treat the affected timbers or replace them and clean up the mould but remediation includes stopping the cause of the dampness. That usually means replacing the wall ties. If the home is older, the ties were probably made of galvanized metal. Over the years, they’ve corroded, or rusted and broken away. They were meant to protect the structure from the elements but their failure has left the thermal cavity vulnerable.

We replace your wall ties in Aintree with the most suitable type for your structure. Today, wall ties are usually made from stainless steel which can withstand corrosion and are maintenance free. Installed and spaced correctly, these wall ties should never need replacement. Where thermal bridging is especially important, such as low energy and green construction, wall ties used may be made from a composite of materials. Contact Ray Betts if you see signs of damage to brick walls or unexplained dampness penetrating structural timbers. We’ll find the source of the problem and if its wall ties, we’ll replace them. Once we are finished, you should have no need for future worry.