General Building Work in Orrell Completed by the Professionals

General Building Work in OrrellWe undertake general building work in Orrell as part of our comprehensive home maintenance, damp proofing and structural construction. We bring 25 years of experience to the job and a long list of satisfied customers. Our general building services include the installation of new manufactured to fit UPVc replacement windows. These are high quality windows and our fitters are experienced with the installation of all types of replacements. The window frames are strong and very low maintenance with secure locking mechanisms. The double glazed glass is energy efficient and does a great job of insulating your home from cold, noise and street grit. Whether for commercial or domestic buildings, these windows greatly improve the appearance of your building.

Another of our many general building services is new roof installation. In Orrell, general building work progresses more quickly with experienced tradesmen. As with all our work, new roofs are guaranteed to the customers satisfaction. You’ll get an expert job in the minimum amount of time. This applies to our home extension services as well. You can often get the extra space you need where you need it by extending your present home. It’s possible the cost of the needed extension is more cost effective than selling your present home and buying a large one. Enclose a porch, add a bedroom and/or bath or extend the kitchen a few feet. There are many options for additional space including a possible loft expansion.

As damp proofing specialists, our general building work in Orrell is relied upon by many for structural repairs. The need may arise due to damp but also natural disasters such as floods and fire. We work with most insurance companies for disaster restoration. Part of that restoration may require heating and plumbing work, wall and ceiling plastering, foundation repairs to stop water seepage, drainage system installation and wall tie replacement. We are a one-stop shop with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the trades working for us. We don’t outsource our work. Contact Ray Betts for any and all of our general building work. Everything is kept in house so we can exert quality control over the quality of work and customer service as well as the efficient scheduling.