Structural Repairs in Bootle

Structural Repairs in BootleDo the cracks you see mean structural repairs in Bootle will be required for the home you are interested in buying? The best way to find out is to have our team survey the property before you buy it. We will carry out a thorough inspection and assess any damage that may pose a concern regarding the structural integrity of the building. Don’t give up if we do find damage. Most times, the damage can be completely repaired as long as the cause can be satisfactorily remediated. You may see cracks in walls or ceilings; some can be quite long and wide. Often, those cracks are only in the plaster and caused by the settling and ground shifting in older homes. That’s an easy fix as long as there are no foundation fractures or roof support damage. We can replaster the cracked areas or replace the plaster with plasterboard for a new wall look.

We are more concerned when we see foundation cracks and exterior cracks in brick walls. In Bootle, structural repairs may be caused by steady, undetected seepage through foundation cracks or wall cavities. Wet timbers attract fungi referred to as wet rot or dry rot. Both feed off the damp wood and left untreated, both will compromise the strength of the structural timbers requiring replacement. Dry rot is a larger concern because it travels faster and can spread into walls and throughout the structure. Again, you don’t have to eliminate a house with this kind of structural damage if the damage is still localised. We can find the affected timbers and wall ties and replace them. First we find the source of the moisture. We have to be able to stop the dampness if we are to make structural repairs.

Structural repairs in Bootle caused by water seepage or natural disasters such as flooding are carried out by our team of professional waterproofing and joiner teams. We are well respected in the area having been established since 1984. Our assessment reports are free, so don’t neglect to ask for one before buying a new home. Contact us whenever you suspect water seepage or structural damage. The work we do is thorough and performed to the highest standards. You can trust our work and our prices; we offer a full 30-year guarantee.