Woodworm Treatment in Sefton

Woodworm Treatment in SeftonWith the right woodworm treatment in Sefton, you’ll protect your building from structural damage. At Ray Betts, we offer a comprehensive range of top quality building repair and maintenance services. We provide services for damp proofing, wall ties, dry and wet rot treatments, structural repairs, general building services like installing UPVC windows etc. Besides this, you can rely on us for services regarding buying or selling the property. We have been in business for more than three decades in the Merseyside region. Our customer base covers the neighbouring areas and beyond. We can also provide free building evaluation reports since we are local authority and building society approved estimators and we offer a thirty-year guarantee.

For older buildings in Sefton, woodworm treatment should be undertaken as soon as the problem is diagnosed. The term “woodworm” refers to the larval stage of wood-boring beetles. Several species of this creature exist in the UK and one that’s found most often is the Common Furniture Beetle. This insect can cause extensive damage to wood used in the structural framework of your building, doors, windows, floors, beams,  and joists. It also attacks furniture, picture frames, musical instruments, wooden tools, decorative screens and other woodwork. Though some species are merely a nuisance, others can seriously damage your home or office. They typically appear in warmer weather and attack both hard and soft woods. The signs of an infestation are often noticed only when some damage has already been done. However, it’s never too late to begin treatment and prevent the infestation from spreading further.

Our woodworm treatment in Sefton is environmentally friendly and safe. To find out more about how we can assist you, contact us today. Typical signs of the presence of woodworm include tiny holes 1-2mm in diameter on the wood, sprinkling of fine powdery dust around the wood, edges and boards beginning to crumble, as well as weak flooring. Our technicians can swiftly identify and locate the infestation and the type of beetle so that they provide the most appropriate treatment. Different species also prefer different types of wood. Common Furniture Beetles can be treated with spray treatments, while Deathwatch Beetles must be treated with injection cum surface application of various sprays.