Cavity Wall Ties in Seaforth

Cavity Wall Ties in SeaforthCavity wall ties in Seaforth are an important component of a wall. Cavity wall ties help to maintain the structural integrity of the building by keeping it stable and safe. Cavity wall construction has been performed for centuries. However the practice of using metal ties to interconnect two skins emerged much later in the last half of the 19h century. Since then, it has become a standard practice in bricklaying in the United Kingdom. What are wall ties? They bars or strips constructed from metal. They span the inside of the cavity and tie together the external and internal brick walls together. The end portion of the ties are built directly into the mortar. Here, they lock in tightly. The cavity wall ties also prevent water transfer from the outside to the inside leaf. This is possible either because of twists or corrugations in the tie design.

If your home is located in Seaforth, cavity wall ties can be installed by Ray Betts. We are the leading experts when it comes to replacing poor quality wall ties. Our ties can withstand the test of time in older and new homes. Don’t ignore the deterioration of your cavity wall ties. This can lead to widespread and serious problems. Certain mortar types and certain construction methods can lead to cavity wall issues. When you contact us, we can lend you our expertise and knowledge to come up with a perfect solution. Our cavity wall ties can provide your home with protection from the environment and also ensure improved thermal qualities. To assess current wall ties, we rely on specialist equipment.  We use metal detectors to pin point the exact location of the ties. Using fibre optic borescopes, we then assess their condition. Once the situation is assessed, our team will recommend certain remedial measures.

Quality cavity wall ties in Seaforth will protect your home from structural damage. Contact Ray Betts today to find out how we can assist you. We will take a closer look at your current ties and offer a tailored solution.