Rising Damp in Seaforth

Rising Damp in SeaforthDo you know what happens when you ignore rising damp in Seaforth? It spreads to all parts of the building and that leads to dry rot, insect infestations, timber decay resulting in structural weakness and brick and plaster damage. At Ray Betts Damp Proofing, we’ve seen the results repeatedly since establishing our company in 1984. Often people mistake that “old house smell” as normal when in fact it’s caused by rising damp that needs remedying. If the smell makes you nostalgic for Granny’s house just remember, they bulldozed Granny’s old mouldy, leaky dry rotted house. If your house smells like Granny’s you have a serious damp problem requiring remediation. At Ray Betts, we specialise in damp proofing and offer a 30-year guarantee.

Rising damp occurs when ground moisture rises up walls to a height of about one metre above ground level. In Seaforth, rising damp warnings might be you notice damp areas on your basement floor or black mould along skirt boards. Push on the wall above the skirting board; it might be soft from moisture. The cause is the result of a capillary action which means ground moisture rises through microscopic channels without any force pushing it. It doesn’t just happen in rainy weather. It is just as likely when conditions are dry. The dampness rises through walls and mortar. It damages your foundation and walls but it can also impact your health; especially those allergic to moulds, infants and the elderly.

Timely remediation of rising damp in Seaforth is recommended to protect your home and your health. Our company, Ray Betts are damp proofing specialists with a long established reputation for guaranteed professional work. We identify the source of the problem and take the necessary steps to prevent moisture seepage into your home. Contact us at the first sign of rising damp because by the time you notice it, it’s probably been going on for a while. We locate the problem which may be foundational, especially in old buildings, and restore the integrity of foundation seals efficiently. Whatever the source, we’ll find it and correct it.