Damp Proofing Service in Litherland

Damp Proofing Service in LitherlandYou may need a damp proofing service in Litherland if you have noticed a musty smell in your home. Damp walls, condensation and lifting wall paper are other symptoms of a damp problem. Rising damp, the most occurring of damp problems, is a result of capillary action. This is where moisture from the ground can rise up in the walls and mortar beds up to roughly one metre above ground level. Concrete floors are also affected by rising damp.

If you have noticed ‘tide marks’ along the walls in your home in Litherland, a damp proofing service is necessary. Left untreated, rising damp can cause timber decay as well as excess damage to brickwork and plaster. It will spread throughout your property, leaving you with a structurally unsound house and extensive repairs. Another problem associated with rising damp is that it encourages the threat of both dry rot and insect infestations. In order for this unpleasant problem to be remedied, speak to professional damp proofers. We have been established since 1984, and continue to provide a professional and effective damp proofing solution to all our clients. Our damp proofing service is highly regarded as we provide a specialist service that is competitively priced.

A damp proofing service in Litherland will sort out the rising damp problem in your house. Contact Ray Betts today and arrange for one of our specialists to visit your home for a site visit. He will investigate the problem and discuss the necessary remedial action. It may be that your house did not have the correct damp proof course installed or the course is faulty or old. It is likely that a damp proof course will need to be installed. Our team can install the damp proofing course efficiently and in a professional manner, so that with rising damp problem is effectively treated. Don’t let rising damp cause further damage to your home and speak to Ray Betts about our damp proofing service.