Damp Proofing Service in Crosby

Damp Proofing Service in CrosbySome homeowners first experience with damp proofing service in Crosby is when they attempt to sell their home. For those who may not know, we at Ray Betts remove and repair damp and its source from buildings to handle mould, wood rot, dry rot and insect infestation. You may not know the so called “basement smell” can be detrimental to the health of those we live or work in the building. The smell is mould, a living organism that feeds on dampness and, left unchecked, can fill unseen crevices in rafters and behind appliances. By the time you see the trace of black across walls it has a good head start on you. It doesn’t just penetrate basements, however. You may see signs in your attic, and on bathroom and laundry room walls when dampness has crept into the joist behind the roof or walls.

Look for other signs that dampness in your building is attracting unwanted guests. You may see piles of sawdust or frequent beetle sightings showing that in Crosby, a damp proofing service is needed. These are signs that wood boring insects are feeding on the damp wood. When that happens our Ray Betts team make a thorough job of eliminating the water at the source and replacing structural timbers that are weak and damaged. Then we damp proof the whole area with our safe effective solution. We have our own team of joiners to replace the timbers, whether they are in the basement, attic or walls.

We leave a finished job when damp proofing in Crosby. If a plumbing leak is causing your damp problem, our team will open the wall, repair the plumbing, plaster it back up and paint so you’ll never know we were there. Leaky roof and rotted window frames? We will re-roof and replace windows with our UPVc maintenance free products. Contact us for a survey and plan to manage damp proofing your building. We have 25 years’ experience in this area and we maintain an excellent reputation. A home survey showing your home has been damp proofed is a good selling tool. If you are planning to buy, ask the seller to arrange a damp proof survey from Ray Betts for your own peace of mind.