Quality Damp Proof Membrane Fitted in Sefton

Quality Damp Proof Membrane Fitted in SeftonAre you uncertain about needing a quality damp proof membrane fitted in Sefton? If you have damp rising in your home, you need a damp proofing method installed. Are you unsure of whether you have damp in your home or not? Here is what you need to look for: lifting wallpaper, mould, fungi, softening plaster or stained decoration. Anyone of these symptoms are caused by rising damp. It is a product of capillary action. Moisture from the ground rises within the walls of your home.

If you are experiencing damage from rising damp in your house in Sefton, a quality damp proof membrane fitted in the walls is an effective solution to your damp problem. What is a damp proof membrane? It is a material fitted on the inside of a wall or under a slab of concrete to prevent transmission of moisture through capillary action. A damp proof membrane can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as, plastic sheets, coarse sand layered underneath a floor, mastic asphalt and sheets of lead. A reputable company that offers the fitting and installation of damp proof membranes is Ray Betts.

Having a quality damp proof membrane fitted in Sefton is essential when it comes to preventing rising damp. As damp proofing specialists, Ray Betts offers a bespoke service to both commercial and domestic clientele. Contact Ray Betts to find out more about the work they do and why you may need their services. We have been a local leading company in the damp proofing industry for more than 30 years. We provide a free quality report which helps us to survey the property and determine the appropriate damp proofing solution. Our comprehensive services come with a 30 year guarantee. These services include damp proofing, structural repair, dry and wet rot services, and cavity wall ties services. We live in a damp country, which makes our services needed for every building no matter how old or new. Whether you own a country estate, a student flat, a block of offices or a quaint cottage, damp proofing in any building will be a necessity.