Expert Damp Proofer in Widnes

expert damp proofer in WidnesThere are damp proofers, but if you want an expert damp proofer in Widnes then you want Ray Betts. The difference could mean a home that is dry and free of mould and wood rot and a home that appears to be dryer for now. Have you watched a trickle of rainwater make its way down your car window. It takes the path of least resistance and it always reaches its destination. Your home is exposed to dampness from rainwater that seeps in through unseen passages in your roof, walls and foundation. If there is a way in, the moisture finds it and then mould spores and fungi find the moisture to feed on and grow, damaging the structure of your home and quality of the air you breathe.

Your home is also exposed to moisture from inside by way of humidity generated by showers and laundry appliances. It’s a damp clean smelling humidity but in Widnes, expert damp proofer Ray Betts will demonstrate how damaging it can be if not properly exhausted from your home. Some homeowners tackle the problem on their own using bleach to clean basement and bath floors and walls. Others will place boxes of dry products around to absorb moisture in the air. A dehumidifier may help but it uses a lot of energy and if not properly cleaned becomes part of the problem by attracting fungi. None of these methods do anything to get to the root of your dampness problem. For that you need our damp proofing experts at Ray Betts.

Finding and eradicating the source is what Ray Betts, expert damp proofer in Widnes does. Contact Ray Betts if you are looking for a solution, by an expert damp proofer. Sometimes that means opening up walls, repairing brick mortar, tearing out and replacing timbers or finding the water route through your roof, into your attic and down your wall. It may mean installing exhaust fans in laundry rooms and replacing wallboard in the bathroom with specially treated moisture resistant walls. At Ray Betts we are structural experts first which enables us to be damp proofing experts. We are also professionals. We guarantee our work and we respect the homes of our clients by leaving a clean work site when the job is complete.