Woodworm Treatments in Allerton

Woodworm Treatments in AllertonWould you like to know more about woodworm treatments in Allerton as you have noticed holes, fine dust or crumbling in your furniture, beams or timber? Woodworm is a generic name given to the larvae of a number of wood-boring beetles that infest wood and wood products. They most commonly attack soft woods, but hard woods are not immune. Prevention is of course the best approach to such infestations, but good quality treatments can also help to rid your wood of such infestations. It’s important to first identify and locate the presence of woodworm in your furniture, beams or timber and this is easily done if you notice small holes known as “flight” holes, adult beetles around the wood or in the house, a scattering of fine dust around the wood or you find certain parts of the wood brittle and hollow. Not all woodworm infestations are harmful and some of these symptoms may be from an old infestation.

In Allerton, woodworm treatments are available in liquid form, either in an oil or water base. They are sprayed, injected or applied to the infested wood. But these chemical compounds may cause allergies or be harmful to pets, so it’s wise to check with the service provider ahead of treatment in order to take the necessary precautions. Ensure that the right type of treatment is being given and that the service provider is duly licensed and trained to conduct the treatment. Consult a reputed, reliable company like Ray Betts to conduct an initial inspection and provide a report on the type and extent of infestation. Based on this, you can go ahead with the appropriate treatment.

Woodworm treatments in Allerton are available for all stages of infestation, even the worst types can be treated and your valuable wood can be restored. Apart from treatments, you can also take some steps to prevent infestation, such as keeping your rooms well-ventilated and dry. Don’t keep unfinished, unpolished, unpainted wood without any protective layers. If you have certain pieces of furniture that are infested, remove them to avoid spread. Fly-traps can help to get rid of adult beetles. For more information about woodworm treatments, contact Ray Betts.