Damp Proofer in Ormskirk

Damp Proofer in OrmskirkRay Betts is a reputable damp proofer in Ormskirk that will assist in solving your damp proof problems. They are highly regarded as specialists in damp proofing and will, in an efficient and professional manner, identify, diagnose and treat the problems associated with rising damp. They have been established since 1984, and are still providing affordable, quality damp proofing solutions to their clients. Ray Betts are also local authority and building society approved quality estimators.

In Ormskirk, a damp proofer can be consulted for an effective solution to rising damp in your home. Rising damp, when left untreated, can cause extensive damage to your property. It can spread throughout the property, causing timber decay, excess damage to brickwork and plaster, and will also increase the threat of dry rot and insect infestations. Ray Betts will find and remove the underlying source of moisture. This is important in order to carry out the treatment. Their skilled team will apply a damp proof course to ensure the end of rising damp issues. Their procedure includes particular preservation fluids that are brushed, sprayed or applied in gel and paste form, and, where masonry is involved, the drilling, irrigation and spraying of the surface to ensure a full treatment.

A damp proofer in Ormskirk from Ray Betts is the expert you need for any damp issues in your house. They pride themselves on the high standards of workmanship that is applied to every project they do. They will work within agreed time-frames, and are confident they have what it takes to deliver precisely what you, the client, needs. If you have damp issues and are looking for a professional damp proofer, contact Ray Betts.