Woodworm Treatment in Sefton

Woodworm Treatment in SeftonLook for a company that provides woodworm treatment in Sefton if you have found fine dust next to an old wooden armchair. On closer inspection, you might notice small oval holes in the wood of the armchair. This is a sure sign that you have a woodworm infestation and need to have it seen to immediately. Woodworm is the larvae of any wood boring beetle. They invade, and then consume the wood, only leaving when they have reached maturity.

In Sefton, woodworm treatment is the first step in removing the beetle and their larvae. Many homeowners are unaware that they have a woodworm problem until they notice the fine dust, also known as frass, around the furniture. Leaving a woodworm infestation can cause damage to your property and wooden furniture. Some woodworm beetles are more dangerous than others in that they target specific types of wood, resulting in more serious damage. The House Longhorn beetle, for example, prefers the sapwood of softwood timbers. This can be a problem as softwood is most often used in roof timbers, and an infestation can cause severe structural damage. Instead of hoping that the woodworm infestation is of a less destructive beetle, it is advisable to contact a company that offers suitable woodworm treatment.

Ray Betts is a company that will provide effective woodworm treatment in Sefton. Since 1984, this damp proofing company has provided effective and affordable damp proof solutions to their clients. Woodworm enjoy a moist, somewhat humid environment, and if your home is prone to damp issues, it is likely that the pesky beetle has chosen your home to move into. Ray Betts offers an affordable woodworm treatment that involves the safest chemicals to ensure their removal. They also employ ‘time-served’ craftsmen joiners to replace heavily infested timbers. Don’t let a woodworm infestation become a costly and intensive problem, contact Ray Betts for more information about effective woodworm treatment.