Cavity Wall Tie Service in Knowsley

Cavity Wall Tie Service in KnowsleyIf you are living in an old house, you will require cavity wall tie service in Knowsley at some point. Wall ties have been an integral part of construction since the early 19th century, and the purpose of cavity wall was to split the traditional 9-inch thick wall into two separate walls with a cavity in between  to resist weather conditions as well as stopping water from getting inside the house. The cavity also acts as an insulation preventing the cold from penetrating the house during winter. A British Standard for wall ties was introduced during 1945 whereby the thickness was regulated, however, it was reduced in 1968 before the thickness was increased again by law in 1981.

In Knowsley, cavity wall tie service will be required in houses fitted with steel or iron prior to 1981 as these ties are prone to rust and are at risk of premature failure. The most common wall tie failure is corrosion and rust, however, there are other factors that will come into play. Ray Betts is a company specialising in cavity wall ties. They employ experts and will make sure that they remedy the problem with quality stainless steel remedial wall ties. Among the symptoms signalling your walls are at risk, you will notice that there are horizontal cracks in the mortar and this is caused by the expansion of corroded wall ties, as well as bulging brickwork caused by snapped wall ties, and these are quite serious in nature as they weaken the structure of the building.

When you find these symptoms and require immediate cavity wall tie service in Knowsley, the first thing you should do is reach out to Ray Betts and give them a call. They will be pleased to pay a visit and provide you with an estimate and a proposal of the solutions they intend to carry out to secure the building and replace the corroded wall ties. Contact Ray Betts if you require a cavity wall tie service.